6 Channel HDMI Live Streaming Mixer

geek s06 b video presentation

Live Business Presentations

Geek S06 lets you stream television broadcast quality presentations from the boardroom to employees and investors all over the world via Skype! The intuitive front panel controls make it easy for anyone to create a professional looking switched program from multiple HDMI cameras and a laptop computer running PowerPoint. That’s perfect for use in conference rooms because you don’t have to be a video expert or need a specialized crew to stream broadcast grade presentations via Skype. 

geek s06 b connection diagram 01
1602235501041 率叶插件

Use your own presentation as part of the program! Simply connect an HDMI laptop into Geek S06 to use it as a source.

sw13pro 人物

Set up one camera for the presenter, and one computer for the slides. Connect to Geek S06 and start streaming!

geek s06 b program02

Kickstarter Video Presentation

You’ve got a great idea, now let Geek S06 help you get funding! There’s no better way to entice potential investors than with a professional video presentation to showcase your new product. With  total 4 HDMI and USB/Ethernet inputs, S06 is big enough for multiple cameras to cover your pitch, plus a close up of your product plus a computer with presentation slides. Best of all, because it’s so easy to use, Geek S06 makes it possible to create broadcast quality video by yourself and on a tight budget! You can even stream your presentations live to investors via Skype or Zoom, or share it on sites such as Kickstarter!

geek s06 b connection diagram 02
geek s06 b program

You can load still images via USB drive, such as this title slide, that you can call up at anytime.

sw13pro 发布会画中画

Use picture in picture effects so your audience can watch you pitch your latest product idea.


Use a computer with an HDMI output as a source to switch between the presenter and slides.

geek s06 b remote education

Create Online Training and Educational Tutorials!

Now you can transform your training room into a production studio! This lets you build an extensive library of training content to take your training online and global. To help students see more and learn faster by teaching them from different camera angles all at the same time. On Geek S06 you don’t need to use the HDMI output for program video because you can record direct to USB flash disks and broadcast the record video on Zoom, then interact with your students to see if they have any questions. You can even live stream at any time!

geek s06 b connection diagram 03
sw13pro 培训

Setup one camera to the presenter

sw13pro 培训1

Setup 2-3 cameras to your works to help students see more and learn faster by teaching them from different camera angles all at the same time.

geek s06 b online education

Create your own title graphics and save them in the USB drive so you can overlay them at any time.

geek s06 b live concert

Create Music Videos Live!

Now it’s easy for solo artiests or bands to create music videos and to live stream concerts. Simply set up multiple cameras, allowing a wide shot of the group and close ups of each performer. Geek S06allows to connect an external professional audio mixer so that you can get great audio sound! Geek S06 makes it easy to record music videos while also cultivating your band’s fanbase by streaming your live concerts to YouTube Live or Facebook.

geek s06 b connection diagram 04
sw13pro 音乐会调音台

Connect a professional audio mixer to process on each track and get perfect sound!

sw13pro 音乐会添加logo

Add the name of the band, artists, song and more over live video

sw13pro 音乐会画外画 1

Use the POP effects to create exciting split screen effects so you can see the singer and drummer at the same time!

geek s06 b church live streaming

Broadcast worship services via the internet!

Connect Geek S06 to multiple cameras in your house of worship to create programming that’s far superior to single camera setups. Simply connect HDMI cameras for shots of the minister and congregation, then connect a mic for the minister and you are ready to start recording. You can reach a global audience by streaming the video to 4 service platforms max. Capture the spirit and passion of the sermon like never before!

geek s06 b connection diagram 05
sw13pro 宗教画外画

Setup one camera to the miniter and one camera to the audience

sw13pro 宗教pop

Create picture in picture effects to show the Minister and reactions from the congregation at the same time!

sw13pro 宗教ppt

Create inspirational graphic slides that saved in your USB drive and used on screen whenever needed.

geek s06 b multistream

Reach a global audience by streaming the video to 4 service platforms max.

geek s06 b live sports

Live Sporting Events

Geek S06 lets you create big league looking programs from your own sporting events! Whether you’re playing table tennis, bowling or baseball, Geek S06 lets you connect multiple HDMI cameras so you can capture the match from multiple angles and see all of the action. It’s easy for you and your friends to create broadcast quality live sports programming and stream online!

geek s06 b connection diagram 06
sw13pro 体育直播添加logo

Add your League name, team name to the video

sw13pro 比赛pop画外画

Use the POP to create exciting split screen effects so you can see the boxer and the audience at the same time!

sw13pro 体育赛事直播

Live Stream your competition to Facebook, Youtube!