PTZ Camera Controller with Joystick

Introducing Universal PTZ Camera Controller with 4D Joystick

Oton Hyper C2000 is a PTZ camera keyboard controller with control over IP and power over Ethernet (PoE) functions. With the 4D joystick, Hyper C2000 can easily pan, tilt, and zoom any VISCA, PELCO, VISCA over IP or ONVIF protocol camera. The joystick also features iris, focus, presets, red gain, blue gain, precise speed control and many other ways to operate your camera. Hyper C2000 has 4 control modes: 2 IP control mode (IP VISCA & ONVIF); 2 serial control mode (RS422 & RS232).

Low-Latency Joystick

This C2000 controller, designed robust to withstand the rigors of daily production, provides zero latency control over RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 cabling. It does not require a connection to an Ethernet-based network. The maximum communication distance is 1200m/3937′ over RS-485 using a 24 AWG twisted pair cable.

low latency joystick
hyper c2000 multi control

Control an Advanced Production

Once your camera is connected to your LAN (Local Area Network) this PTZ joystick can be set up to control it. With the ability to quickly access up to 7 cameras with a single button press and over 255 camera with a simple process, you can control an advanced production or an entire building full of Oton cameras. This joystick controller is ideal for audiovisual and IT professionals who need to remotely manage multiple PTZ cameras on their network. This joystick is ready for any professional video application with 7 camera switching hotkeys and access to even the finest camera detail settings.

Camera Operators Enjoy

The camera control experience with a joystick is ideal for volunteers and those new to PTZ camera operation. Providing novice users with a pre-configured PTZ joystick controller is perhaps the best way to get new producers up and running. The simple button layout is intuitive and ideal for teaching the concepts of remote camera operation in your broadcast club or on the field. Extend the power of your existing network using IP connectivity to remotely control your Oton cameras.

hyper c2000 easy operation
hyper c2000 single cable simplicity

Single Cable Simplicity

The 3rd generation IP Joystick includes PoE (Power Over Ethernet). Take control of cameras all across your network with a single Ethernet cable connection. Simplify your next Joystick setup with a PoE network switch.

Technical Specs

Connection RJ45, RS422, RS232, RS485
Protocol Network : ONVIF, VISCA


Baud Rate 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400, 115200
Joystick 4D(up, down, left, right, zoom, lock)
Display LCD Blue Screen
Prompt Tone On/Off
Power Supply DC12V 1A
Power Consumption 6W Max
Working Temperature ‐10℃~50℃
Storage Temperature 20℃~70℃
Product Dimension(cm) 32(L)X 18(W)X 11(H)
Upgrade Web-based