HDMI SDI USB3.0 E-commerce Live Streaming PTZ Camera


E-commerce Live Streaming

Live streaming is proved to be an effective way of making internet shopping more personal thereby driving online sales. Hyper C570 helps you improve your sales, get new customers, generate leads and boost conversion

hyper c570 ecommerce live streaming
hyper c570 video conferencing

Video Conference

Video conferencing presents countless opportunities to businesses. Whether it’s engaging remote workers, collaborating across departments and locations, interviewing job candidates or managing suppliers, the technology is efficient, cost-effective and scalable. Engage with your participants now using Hyper C570

Live Concert

Now you can produce live multi camera concerts in Ultra HD without obstructing the performance. Use Pan, tilt and Zoom lenses to cover a variety of angles including audience fly overs, complete wide angle stage views, unique band member POVs and more!  You can even adjust the camera’s built in color corrector to create great looks during the concert.

Hyper C570nei ye tu音乐
hyper c570 medical broadcasting

Online Education

The Hyper C570 can be placed in lecture halls or even tough environments such as surgical theaters so you can build an invaluable on-line education catalog. Unique and spontaneous educational experiences such as guest lectures, surgical procedures and scientific experiments can be made available to students almost immediately! The cameras are unobtrusive and can be installed permanently so you can quickly build a training library of extensive experiences. The Hyper C570 lets you build a robust curriculum that enables students to cover years of learning extremely quickly!

Create a complete studio with customized rigs

Hyper C570 can be rigged with accessories to fit hundreds of different production environments. In a live multi camera studio set up you can set them on pedestals, mount them overhead in the lighting grid, or even tuck them discreetly into the set. You can control your fixed cameras remotely from the included remote controller.

hyper c570 ceiling mounting