HDMI SDI PTZ Video Conferencing Camera


Remote Control 5X/12X HDMI SDI Video Conferencing Camera

Oton Hyper C7 supports frame rates and resolutions as high as 1080p60 as well as 1080i60 and 720p60, and it features a 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor with 2.0 MP resolution. The built-in zoom lens features an optical zoom range of 5x/12x, and you can zoom in further with the 10x digital zoom. Camera control is via the built-in RS-232 interface with the camera supporting VISCA and Pelco-D protocols. The camera supports 3D NR for a clean image, and the image flip feature allows you to mount the camera on a desktop or the ceiling and adjust the orientation of the image to keep it upright. With 255 programmable preset positions, you can set the camera to rapidly move to between positions using the IP, RS-232, or IR control. The camera compresses using either or both the H.264 and H.265, as its on-board encoder is capable of encoding two streams at the same time.

Choosing From 3 Great Models

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Hyper C7-05-U2U3

5X HDMI USB Conferencing Camera

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Hyper C7-12-U2U3

12X HDMI USB Conferencing Camera

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Hyper C7-12-SH

12X HDMI SDI Conferencing Camera

Studio Quality Video

With an full HD imaging system, Hyper C7 delivers brilliantly sharp video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy at resolutions up to 1080p 60. it optimizes light balance to emphasize faces and render natural-looking skin tones, even in dim or backlit conditions.

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Sleek Industrial Design

Hyper C7 incorporates world-class optics and 1/2.8 inch image sensor in a premium industrial design suitable for any professional setting. Elegantly finished in matt grey with silver metal trim

Great Quality Sound

The external stereo microphone jack is engineered for high quality audio and feature a mechanical design that helps reduce unwanted wind noise so you get great sounding audio. The audio is embedded into the Ethernet port so you get perfect audio and video sync!

Smart Auto Focus and Exposure

Stop losing focus in the middle of streams and videos. AI-enabled facial tracking delivers accurate focus and exposure no matter where you’re positioned. In order for your images to look good, you need to make sure that it’s not too bright

(overexposed) or too dark (underexposed). Auto-exposure is finely tuned so you look your best in a variety of lighting conditions. the manual exposure settings can be changed so you can save shots that were not properly exposed!


Light/Color Optimization

Hyper C7 featuers with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)  and 3D noise reduction, optimizes light balance, and fine-tunes color and saturation for natural results. The result is a balanced image that renders participants in flattering light with reduced glare and softer shadows, even in dim or backlit conditions.

After Correction
Before Correction

Adaptive Pan Tilt Zoom

Whisper-quiet mechanical PTZ motor adjusts pan and tilt speed with the amount of zoom. The result: Faster camera movement when zoomed out for quick framing and slower camera movement when zoomed in for more control.

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Flexible Control Options on Hyper C7

Infrared / Wireless Remote Control

Oton Hyper C7 can either be controlled by Infrared remote controller (default)or 2.4G Wireless remote controller. 2.4G wireless remote control is not affected by angle, distance and infrared interference. Remote control signal pass-through is supported to facilitate the use of back-end device.

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Joystick Control

With the 4D joystick, Hyper C2000 can easily pan, tilt, and zoom any VISCA, PELCO, VISCA over IP or ONVIF protocol camera. The joystick also features iris, focus, presets, red gain, blue gain, precise speed control and many other ways to operate your camera.

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Live Stream Via Ethernet on Hyper C7

Hyper C7 has a built in hardware streaming engine for live streaming via its built in Ethernet connection. That means you can live stream to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in better quality, without dropped frames and with much simpler settings.

Just enter the streaming address and key. It features with both H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC)  encoding, allowing for further reduced file size and therefore reduced required bandwidth of your live video streams.

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Multi-stream to 2 Platforms Simultaneously

Hyper C7 allows to distribute your live feed to 2 service platforms like facebook and youtube at the same time, maximizing your exposure. The more platforms you’re on, the bigger your potential reach is. Much like a TV network that’s syndicated in multiple cities, live streaming to multiple platforms maximizes the chances that you reach people where they already are.

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Flexible Mounting Options

Hyper C7 can be positioned on a table, mounted on a tripod, or secured to a wall with. For overhead installations, the camera detects when it’s inverted and automatically corrects image orientation and camera controls.

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Place on the table

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Tripod Mounting

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Wall Mounting

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Ceiling Mounting