Comparison Table

Item Atem Mini Extreme Oton Geek S06-A
Total Channel 8 6
Video Input 8xHDMI 4xHDMI, 2xUSB stills video or decoding video
Input Resolution The first input you plug in will set the video format All input resolution auto detected
Video Output 2xHDMI 2xHDMI
Audio Input 2xMIC in 2×6.3mm audio, mic in/line in adjustable
Audio Output 1xheadphone out 1x headphone out
Switching Cut & Auto switching Cut & Auto switching
Video Effects Mix, Fade, Wipe etc Mix, Fade, Wipe etc
Picture in Picture Yes, 2 windows Yes, 4 windows max
Picture Outside of Picture Yes, 2 windows Yes, 4 windows max
Audio Mixing Yes Yes
Work as Webcam Yes, via USB-C Yes, via USB3.0
Built-in Encoding H.264 H.264/H.265
Multistream N/A 4 platforms at the same time
Video Recording Yes Yes
Video Decoding N/A Yes
Add Logo & Subtitle Yes Yes
Keyer Yes adding this function
4G Wireless Dongle Connection N/A Yes
Camera Control Yes N/A
Multiple users Yes N/A
Marcos Yes N/A
Headphone Control Yes N/A
Pricing 995usd 799usd